Jurassic Park Builder for PC – Free Download or Windows Mac

Dear friends, you may have watched the most thrilling¬† movie “Jurassic Park” which was the highest grossing movie of that time and also the greatest science fiction films ever made. Here we are going to talk about the game similar based on this movie named Jurassic Park Builder and it is developed by Ludia Inc. Now if you are wondering this game on big screen then read the guide on Jurassic Park Builder for PC download for free.

I ts available for Android users on Google Play Store for free. iPhone and Facebook users also able to download and play this game because it is also available for there. The game has superb quality in both graphics and sound, I’m sure you’ll surly gonna like it.

Jurassic Park Builder features

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Jurassic Park Builder features

Now you have an opportunity to play the role of the Artists of this film through the game ” Jurassic Park Builder”. You are to develop your own Jurassic Park going through all challenges and activities faced by John Hammond, Dr Ian Malcolm etc. who were the character of the real film.

Start your journey by extracting DNA of dinosaurs from their fossils and transform them into young dinosaurs using scientific methods with the help of your team.

Pun your dinosaurs on land or in aquatic or on glacial region. Feed them carefully to let them develop as full adult size giant. You will need large amount of plants, sea food and meat as the regular diet of them depending on the species of the dinosaurs, i.e. herbivorous or carnivorous.

Once you have developed adult dinosaurs of different species, you can develop tourist activities as powerful source of earning. Be creative to decorate your park and develop roads, hotels, security centers, restaurants etc. to entertain your tourists create strong securing to avoid escaping of dinosaurs from the park.

Do setup laboratories around the park and try to earn more gold coins and some XPs, it will help you to open new and exiting new levels in the game.

Jurassic Park Builder for PC Download

Stunning visuals and audio effects with 3D animation makes you even more crazy. So guys, enjoy the game with live multiplayer mode with Facebook friends and other Jurassic Park fans. You can challenge you FB friends and then start battle with their dinosaurs and prove yourself a hero of this game.

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Jurassic Park Builder for PC Download

In order to download Jurassic Park Builder for PC or computer for free simply follow the below mention steps. Before going to this process update your graphics driver to the latest version to complete installation without any error.

  1. Download and install Android emulator app player software in your windows PC from here.
  2. Run BlueStacks from the shortcut icon on the desktop and use its search tool to find Jurassic Park Builder Android game.
  3. Once you found the game download and install it.

That’s all how you can get Jurassic Park Builder for PC download. Hope you enjoyed this guide share it with your social friends.