Google Chrome offline installer (Standalone) download free

Google Chrome offline installer (Standalone) download

Today we are going to provide you to download Google Chrome offline installer (Standalone), By this you will be able to install it without internet in other PC or Computer windows. As you know Google Chrome is a best browser for computer because it’s simple and easy to use as well as it is really fast load web pages. I am not first person who recommended it but we wanna say that it’s a best browser.

Importance of Google Chrome offline installer (Standalone)

As we know that if we want to use any app or software i.e Google Chrome then it’s must be installer in our electronic device. we are familiar with the fact that internet data is used in downloading any app for which we are to pay some amount of currency. So if you install Google Chrome by online installer then you will have no data of downloading files with your future use. Thus you have to consume net data for every time instillation. You can install it without need of working net in different PC or computer and also you can share it with your friends.

Google Chrome Offline Installer (Standalone)So guys would it not be better if you first get all downloaded files of the chrome browser by offline installer which allow you to save this data and use it to install the browser whenever you want. Below we are giving you to link to download this Google Chrome standalone offline installer package.

Features of Google Chrome

Chrome browser is fast and free and it is most friendly among internet users. It runes web pages and applications very fast. The main key features are as follows –

1. Speed

It is capable of launching and webpage very fast and runes complex web application smoothly.

2. simplicity

This feature make the chrome more friendly for users.

3. Security

It provide you high security with the built-in malware and phishing protection.

4. privacy –

It protect your private information when your are online.

5. Customization –

With this feature you can rewind the Google Chrome Browser according to your choice i.e. you can adjust all it’s functions as you want.

Google Chrome Offline Installer (Standalone) Download

To download it just click on this link –

Free Download Google Chrome Offline Installer (Standalone)

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