Download Proxy Switcher for Windows 7/8 Computer (Free)

Internet is becoming necessary part of today’s life. Many important works like online purchasing, booking of traveling tickets, payment of bills and many more are done very easily. Use of internet is associated with sharing of your personal and even very secret information, so there is always risk of stealing and misuse of your personal information. This factor is even more prominent in case of online cash transference e.g. online shopping. To surf internet with safety for hiding your information you can use proxy switcher software. You can download proxy switcher for Windows 7/8/XP computer for free by reading this tutorial.

Very effective solution for all these risks is use of this software with lets you hide / Cloak your true IP address in online activities. If you think that your privacy then you can use these proxy switcher software. It allows you to enjoy internet wit full mental peace keeping your data quite secure.

Download Proxy Switcher for Windows

Friends some time these proxy switcher software also helps in to increase the speed of you internet connection so that you can enjoy fast speed of net surfing. Guys you can use proxy software named Proxy Switcher Standard which is available for free with 15 days trail period. If you think it’s really worth after using then you can buy it.

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Features of Proxy Switcher for Windows – Proxy Switcher Standard

Proxy Switcher Standard makes you anonymous by hiding your original IP address to let you enjoy tension free surfing and all other online activities.

In regular process, your web browser connects to the website directly and hence revealing a lot of sensitive information. You can avoid this exposure of personal data with intermediate servers of proxy switcher.

Avoid all sorts of limitations imposed by various sites. So, be ready to enjoy tension free internet using the proxy switcher.

There are two version of this software or application freeware lite version and powerful standard version. You can check it’s working using its free trail version for limited time period. Finally you are to pay an affordable amount as a cost of your tension free internet.

It helps to use different proxy server to by pass restrictions while you are using internet in your school or collage. The history of your activities can be found in history section. It will also show you detail information of server like country, speed etc.

Proxy Switcher for Windows - Proxy Switcher Standard

So guys are you ready to use this software in your windows PC then just follow the below mention steps.

Download Proxy Switcher for Windows 7/8/XP

So now you can download proxy switcher for Windows very easily by clicking on below link. It’ll redirected you to download page, then install it in your PC.

Download Proxy Switcher for Windows

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