How to Block Someone on WhatsApp Contacts in Android, iPhone & Nokia Devices

Developers are having keen interest in developing mare and more new messaging apps because use of these like WhatsApp is becoming addictive and necessary part of the people of all age group. main objective of all these messaging application i.e. WhatsApp is let you share your feelings with your beloved friends, family members and other social relatives. If you want to block someone on WhatsApp contacts then read perfect guide here.

There are large number of such apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Line, KiK messenger etc. User interface and privacy are the two main factors which decide the popularity of the app. WhatApp has become one of the most popular messaging devices among the users because of its very easy user interface UI and privacy preference.

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One of the most annoying problem in use of messenger apps is block contacts on WhatsApp in Android, iPhone & Nokia phones. So, don’t worry guys I’m telling you the way to get rid od such privacy concern problem by blocking these unwanted persons from becoming a part og your sharing activities.

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Block Someone on WhatsApp Contacts in Android

Guys follow all the below mention steps to block contacts in Android.

Block Someone on WhatsApp Contacts in Android

  1. In Android devices first you need to open WhatsApp then click on option and then settings.
  2. Now select the Contacts option and then select Blocked contacts: options.
  3. Here you can add contact which you want to block.

That’s all you need to do to block someone on WhatsApp contacts in Android. If any unknown person message you for which contact you don’s have saved in your phone then you can directly block it through chat. Open chat and click on option and then more and select Block.

WhatsApp Block Contacts in iPhone

If you own iPhone then process is quite same as above.

  1. Run WhatsApp on your device and choose settings.
  2. Open chat settings and then Blocked option.
  3. Add here the contacts you want to block.

That is the way to block phone number in WhatsApp in iPhone.

how to block someone on WhatsApp contacts in Android, iPhone & Nokia

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In Nokia

In Nokia devices the process is something different. So read the below mentions steps.

  1. Run WhatsApp and go to option
  2. Choose Settings option and then General settings
  3. Now find the option Blocked
  4. here you can add the contacts which you need to block. Save settings and click on back button.

So that’s it in Nokia phones.

So guys this is the process of how to block someone on WhatsApp contacts in Android, iPhone & Nokia. Hope you like it.